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As a leading sports lighting manufacturer in China, Ai Sports Lighting has been providing high-efficiency sports LED lightings and a series of sports lighting solutions worldwide since 2015.

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Ai Sports Lighting Co., Ltd

As a leading sports lighting manufacturer in China, Ai Sports Lighting has been providing high-efficiency sports LED lightings and a series of sports lighting solutions worldwide since 2015.

We have excellent and reliable sports lighting technology in the industry, and our products and companies are certified, accrediting and approved by various international and national institutions. We deliver sports lightings with high standard through our reliable quality and assurance in the manufacturing process.

As an integrated provider that covers the whole chain of design, engineering, manufacturing, supply, installation and commissioning, we have served significant sports events, including the 13th China National Games in 2017 and the World Military Games in 2019. Our lights will illuminate the 31st World University Games Summer 2021.

Ai Sports Lighting provides a range of sports lightings for including on stadium, football pitch, tennis court, basketball courts, golf court, hockey field and all the indoors and outdoors sports fields. If you’re interested in learning how to bright your sports courts, our sales team will provide you proposal accordingly. We’ll help you evaluate your options, execute the best plan, and deliver the outcomes and ongoing management to achieve beneficial results – time and again.

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Our highly skilled engineers and experienced team will provide the most suitable products and solutions for you.


  • Research and Development

R&D guides us to the answer of what we will do and who we will serve in sports lighting industry. We learned from the excellent lighting company and we studied what are the top consideration from our clients for the last 8 years and we keep doing so. We have been granted eight patents by December 2022. New technology is great help to lower our products cost or improve the efficiency of LED lightings. Ai Sports Lighting has developed into an industry leader of sophistication and excellent innovation capability.

  • System Provider

In sports lighting, experience is a vital asset. A good design is the soul to a sports lighting solution. There are 3 major parts great affect the outcome of sports lighting system, lighting, poles and control system. Ai Sports manufacturing sports lighting, making excellent system design, providing poles an control system. There will be no risk for our client’s sub-system are not coordinating well. It is well saved cost for our clients when they are taking the whole system from one partner, times are also saved while outcome is even better.

  • Leading Quality Control

At Ai Sports, we are passionate about providing excellent sports lighting system that all players can play on a comfortable and safe sports courts, all medias can catch and broad the wonderful game. We know it well and have strict quality control during the entire production process of sports lighting, including raw material inspection, product assembly and testing, packaging inspection, pre-shipment inspection, etc. Our quality control process ensures that Ai Sports Lighting products are designed and built to provide safe, reliable, and long-lasting results. The highest quality standards enable our lamps and systems to have professional performance and service life. 


strict quality control

We have always abided by our commitment to outstanding sports lighting. We not only have strict quality control points throughout the whole production process, but also regularly submit our products to various internationally renowned institutions for testing and have obtained relevant certificates and approvals. Our excellent sports lightings and related products have been exported and installed in various countries and continents.

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