1.Design Guide

The following points should be considered and applied when designing a new stadium illuminance system or making alterations to an existing system.

1.1 It is essential that players’ comfort and performance not be hindered by the stadium illuminance system.

1.2 The ability of match officials to perform effectively should not be hindered by the stadium illuminance system.

1.3 A spectator should be able to watch and enjoy the match without suffering any discomfort caused by the pitch illuminance system.

1.4 The stadium lighting system should provide a level of illuminance that agreed and illuminance for televised events shall meet the requirements of TV broadcasting if required.

1.5 A successful stadium illuminance system will produce illuminance levels and uniformity that comply with the requirements of the relevant lighting standard with soft shadows where possible.

1.6 The stadium illuminance system must be reliable and effective for the given location. The specific conditions that are relevant for the stadium location should be carefully assessed.

1.7 The stadium illuminance system should provide a cost-effective and efficient, long-term solution.

1.8 Every sports stadium is unique. Consequently, each stadium will require a design solution that is appropriate for the relevant stadium and illuminance level.

1.9 The stadium’s infrastructure and design will have a significant impact on the type of pitch illuminance system that can be applied. A four-corner tower/column system will not generally meet FIFA’s requirements for FIFA Lighting Standard A.

Anyone designing a lighting system should take account of the latest technological requirements for broadcast television.

2. Lighting Standard

China Classification of Sports Lighting

Non-televised eventsTelevised events
Fitness and amateur trainingNational and international televised
Amateur competition and professional trainingMajor national and international televised
Professional competitionMajor national and international HD televised

China Stadium Lighting Standard


FIFA lighting standards for training pitches

Illuminance RequirementsGrade 1
World Cup Training
Grade 2
Match Practice
Grade 3
Standard Training
Ev 0°
(Vertical illuminance on 0° reference plane)
Min>350 lux
Ave>500 lux
Not applicableNot applicable
Uniformity U1v-0°>0.30Not applicableNot applicable
Uniformity U2v-0°>0.40Not applicableNot applicable
Ev 90°(Vertical
illuminance on 90° reference plane)
Min>350 lux
Ave>500 lux
Min>275 lux
Ave>400 lux
Min>150 lux
Ave>200 lux
Uniformity U1v-90°>0.30>0.30>0.30
Uniformity U2v-90°>0.40>0.40>0.40
Ev 180°
(Vertical illuminance on 180° reference plane)
Min>350 lux
Ave>500 lux
Not applicableNot applicable
Uniformity U1v-180°>0.30Not applicableNot applicable
Uniformity U2v-180°>0.40Not applicableNot applicable
Ev 270°
(Vertical illuminance on 270° reference plane)
Min>350 lux
Ave>500 lux
Min>275 lux
Ave>400 lux
Min>150 lux
Ave>200 lux
Uniformity U1v-270°>0.30>0.30>0.30
Uniformity U2v-270°>0.40>0.40>0.40
Eh ave
(Horizontal illuminance)
Ave>750 luxAve>500 luxAve>300 lux
Uniformity U1h>0.40>0.40>0.40
Uniformity U2h>0.60>0.60>0.60
Flicker factor (FF)<1%Not applicableNot applicable
Reference grid96 points40 points40 points
Colour temperature (Tc)5,000-6,200K5,000-6,200K4,200-6,200K
Colour rendering (Ra)≥ 80Ra≥ 70Ra≥ 70Ra
Glare rating (RG)< 50< 50< 50
Maintenance factor (MF)0.90 LED, 0.80 HID0.90 LED, 0.80 HID0.90 LED, 0.80 HID
Power supplyFPS-DFPS-DFPS-D

3. Procedure and Timing

4. Recommended Products

5.Common cases

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