Guangzhou University Town Sports Center introduces lighting upgrades at Aisports

Guangzhou University Town Sports Center cooperates with Guangzhou Ai Sports Lighting Co., Ltd to announce the installation of upgraded LED lighting system in the sports center

stadium light

The lighting system designed and manufactured by Aisport can increase lighting levels by more than 40% and bring the venue into compliance with lighting standards for professional football matches. Key benefits of the system upgrade include improved visibility for players, coaches and fans, uniform lighting and improved broadcast quality.

The upgrade also enhances the fan experience at the stadium with several unique features, including custom optics to achieve superior uniformity and create a stage-like environment, as well as patented glare control technology.

About Guangzhou University Town Sports Center

Guangzhou University Town Sports Center is one of the leading sports facilities in Guangzhou, providing a wealth of sports activities and entertainment facilities for students and the community. As a modern comprehensive sports center, Guangzhou University Town Sports Center is committed to promoting the development of sports, improving the health of students and community residents, and providing high-quality venues and facilities for sports events.

Guangzhou University Town Sports Center has advanced facilities and equipment, including multi-functional gymnasiums, basketball courts, football fields, tennis courts, swimming pools, etc., which can meet the needs of different types of sports activities and competitions.

stadium light

Aisports has always been committed to providing players and fans with a world-class experience, and this lighting upgrade is a validation of how to raise the standard of stadium lighting.

Aisports is a leading manufacturer of stadium lighting, offering a range of sports lights and solutions that meet television broadcast standards. Innovations in high lumens, uniform lighting, and high light efficiency can meet the design requirements of major sports venues.