The following series are hot selling products of sports lighting.

Special Features

high lumen output

Our sports lighting fixtures are renowned for their high lumen output, providing exceptional brightness and visibility to sports venues. Whether indoor or outdoor, our luminaires deliver sufficient brightness and uniform lighting, bringing a vibrant and energetic sports event for athletes and spectators.

Higher Efficacy

Committed to providing efficient and environmentally friendly sports lighting solutions. With advanced LED technology, our fixtures generate more light output with less energy consumption, reducing energy expenses. Additionally, our luminaires have longer lifespan, reducing maintenance and replacement frequency, saving time and costs.

Uniform Illumination

Sports lighting fixtures are designed for uniform lighting effects. Through precise optical design and high-quality light distribution, the entire sports field achieves even illumination, eliminating dark areas and excessive focus. This ensures consistent visual experience for athletes during the game, enhancing fairness and comfort.

durable and reliable

Subjected to rigorous quality control and testing to ensure durability and reliability. Whether in harsh outdoor environments or intense sports activities, our luminaires maintain stable and consistent illumination. We use high-quality materials and advanced manufacturing processes to ensure long-lasting performance of our fixtures.

Discounts for Builders, Schools, Sports Venues and Contractors

Our team is constantly forging valuable partnerships with various contractors, sports lighting industry solutions businesses and other merchants to ensure you all receive unrivaled quality and special discounts and service!

★ Large-scale procurement support– To support customers’ large-scale procurement needs, we provide competitive discount programs to ensure greater advantages in the highly competitive market and achieve successful operation and long-term sustainable development of the project.

★ Promote sports – We firmly believe that sports are crucial for fostering a healthy and active lifestyle. By offering discounted lighting solutions, we encourage schools and sports venues to create optimal lighting environments that facilitate and inspire various sports activities.

★ Reliable Quality – Our company is well-known in the industry for high-quality and reliable products. Strict quality control and testing ensure its stable operation and long-term reliability. We hope that offering discounts will allow more customers to experience the superior quality of our products.

★ Direct from factory prices – As a sports lighting manufacturer, we supply products directly from the factory, eliminating the cost of intermediate links, so we can provide competitive direct factory prices. Get high-quality products at a more favorable price and increase your return on investment.

★ Long-term cooperation – We value long-term cooperation, whether it is project size or specific needs, we can customize the best solution according to requirements and provide discounts. Hope to attract more partners and establish a solid foundation for cooperation.