Ai Sports Lighting is designed to meet your sports lighting needs today, with the flexibility to adapt as your needs change. If you’re looking for a professional and reliable sports lighting system which perfectly match your requirement, Ai Sports Lighting is the right choice.


We are providing a world-famous brand company LED products in OEM way since 2021. Our production capability and quality control are well trusted. OEM are perfect for your brand building with lower cost. ODM are also available.

Lighting Design

Probably we are the top team of sports lighting design in China. There are big stadiums are participated by our designer in China. There is free design for our cooperated partners in DIAlux or AGI32. Design really matters a sports courts lighting outcome. It could be a disaster lighting solution without professional design such as bad uniformity, glare or have shadow.

Detailed installation guide drawing will be provided accordingly to save your installation cost.

Lighting Installation

Lighting Installation

Good teams with experienced are needed greatly to make design come to reality. Our team members were participated in the 13th China National Games in 2017 and the World Military Games in 2019 and the 31st World University Games Summer 2021. Be free to us to get your turn key solutions proposal.

Lighting Pole and Control System

Providing Lighting System Related Products

There are partners company with Ai Sports Lighting providing all the products are needed in lighting system. From Lighting pole, cable to control system. All proved matched perfectly with our products and all can be loaded in our warehouse by saving your cost.

Innovative Custom Sports Lighting OEM Munufacturer in China

Ai Sports Lighting provides a range of sports lightings for including on stadium, football pitch, tennis court, basketball courts, golf court, hockey field and all the indoors and outdoors sports fields. 

We are your OEM partner; we provide design, prototyping, manufacturing as well as full color packaging and door-to-door delivery.We’ll evaluate your options, execute the best plan, and provide a solution that meets your needs first and foremost.

Special Features

high lumen output

High lumen output is an important advantage for our sports lights to stand out, no matter indoors or outdoors, our sports lights can provide sufficient brightness and uniform lighting for gymnasiums.

Higher Efficacy

With advanced LED technology, our sports lighting produces more light output with less energy consumption, reducing energy bills and striving to provide efficient and environmentally friendly lighting solutions.

Uniform Illumination

Through precise optical design and high-quality light distribution, the entire sports field is evenly illuminated, eliminating dark areas and excessive focus.

durable and reliable

Strict quality control and testing ensures durability, high-quality materials and advanced manufacturing processes are used to ensure long-lasting performance of sports lights.


Step 1

Provide Project Base Information

We need your project Layout, dimension, lighting standard. CAD will be perfect.

Step 2

Design Your Project

DIALux drawing and quotation list will be provided by our team.



Load and ship to you after our production. We will assist you to install on site or by video meeting.

It’s free! – no credit card required


Custom Lighting We Can OEM for You

With more than 8 years of sports lighting design and sports lighting manufacturing experience, our professional team will provide you the most appropriate solutions and sports lighting with a competitive price after carefully analyzing your requirement.


Frequently Asked Questions

With more than 8 years of sports lighting design and sports lighting manufacturing experience, our professional team will provide you the most appropriate solutions and sports lighting with a competitive price after carefully analyzing your requirement.

What is your production time for custom-made lighting?

Our production time usually is 7-15 days depending on different quantities and designs. This does not include the shipping time. If you ship by air, it will take 3-5 days. If sent by the ocean, 15-25 days will be needed.

Can you make OEM packaging with our brand name?

Yes, we can make OEM packaging for your order, just send us your box’s design. And we will make it for you.

Can I have a sample before placing the order?

Yes, we can provide samples for your evaluation and test. All the samples will be made according to your requirements. Samples will take 5-7 days for production. And 3-5 days for shipping.

How can i get a quote?

Just send us an inquiry with detailed information like size, wattage, finish, quantity, etc. Or you can also send us an email at

Discounts for Builders, Schools, Sports Venues and Contractors

Our team is constantly forging valuable partnerships with various contractors, sports lighting industry solutions businesses and other merchants to ensure you all receive unrivaled quality and special discounts and service!

★ Large-scale procurement support– To support customers’ large-scale procurement needs, we provide competitive discount programs to ensure greater advantages in the highly competitive market and achieve successful operation and long-term sustainable development of the project.

★ Promote sports – We firmly believe that sports are crucial for fostering a healthy and active lifestyle. By offering discounted lighting solutions, we encourage schools and sports venues to create optimal lighting environments that facilitate and inspire various sports activities.

★ Reliable Quality – Our company is well-known in the industry for high-quality and reliable products. Strict quality control and testing ensure its stable operation and long-term reliability. We hope that offering discounts will allow more customers to experience the superior quality of our products.

★ Direct from factory prices – As a sports lighting manufacturer, we supply products directly from the factory, eliminating the cost of intermediate links, so we can provide competitive direct factory prices. Get high-quality products at a more favorable price and increase your return on investment.

★ Long-term cooperation – We value long-term cooperation, whether it is project size or specific needs, we can customize the best solution according to requirements and provide discounts. Hope to attract more partners and establish a solid foundation for cooperation.


Why choose ai sports lighting?

With more than 8 years of sports lighting design and sports lighting manufacturing experience, our professional team will provide you the most appropriate solutions and sports lighting with a competitive price after carefully analyzing your requirement.


Ai sports Lighting production is flexible and will meet your requirement of ordering varying quantities.

Professional Craftsmanship

Our 2-years’ experience in the sports lighting field speaks for itself. All our team members are highly skilled and talented.


We guarantee you the affordable price and highest quality among all the manufacturers.

Customization Capability

We can adjust the wattage, color temperatures, beam angles, sizes, and various other features.

Customer Service

With a lead time of 7-15 days or less, we also provide full online and onsite technical support and customer service.

Five-Year Warranty

Each product comes with an extraordinary 5-year warranty.

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