Tennis Court Lighting Solution

The following points should be considered and applied when designing a new stadium illuminance system or making alterations to an existing system.

1.1 It is essential that players’ comfort and performance not be hindered by the stadium illuminance system.

1.2 The ability of match officials to perform effectively should not be hindered by the stadium illuminance system.

1.3 A spectator should be able to watch and enjoy the match without suffering any discomfort caused by the pitch illuminance system.

1.4 The stadium lighting system should provide a level of illuminance that agreed and illuminance for televised events shall meet the requirements of TV broadcasting if required.

1.5 A successful stadium illuminance system will produce illuminance levels and uniformity that comply with the requirements of the relevant lighting standard with soft shadows where possible.

1.6 The stadium illuminance system must be reliable and effective for the given location. The specific conditions that are relevant for the stadium location should be carefully assessed.

1.7 The stadium illuminance system should provide a cost-effective and efficient, long-term solution.

1.8 Every sports stadium is unique. Consequently, each stadium will require a design solution that is appropriate for the relevant stadium and illuminance level.

1.9 The stadium’s infrastructure and design will have a significant impact on the type of pitch illuminance system that can be applied. A four-corner tower/column system will not generally meet FIFA’s requirements for FIFA Lighting Standard A.

Anyone designing a lighting system should take account of the latest technological requirements for broadcast television.

2. Lighting Standard

China Classification of Sports Lighting

Non-televised eventsTelevised events
Fitness and amateur trainingNational and international televised
Amateur competition and professional trainingMajor national and international televised
Professional competitionMajor national and international HD televised

Tennis Lighting Standard


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Lighting Layout

In order to get the appropriate horizontal illuminance on the ground (average level and uniformity) and a sufficient illuminance level to reveal the ball in flight within the playing volume above the court, while ensuring that players do not suffer from disability glare, positioning and height of luminaires should be carefully considered as well as the choice of luminaire.

It is recommended to use sharp cut off luminaires, with accurate light output control, mounted on columns; for a single court, mounting height between 8 and 12 m is generally appropriate to achieve the above conditions.

Columns are set up on either side of the TPA, using two to four column positions on both longitudinal sides, depending on the required quality of the lighting system.

Two or three adjacent courts can also be lit without installing columns between the courts, for courts can share the same columns to support the light fittings. Columns should be positioned so that participants are unlikely to collide with them.As a rule, the mounting height must be defined in relation to the lighting requirements and the column locations.

Note: As underground wiring is recommended for lighting columns, it may be necessary to incorporate the containment for the wiring system during the construction of the tennis court, particularly if columns are required between courts located near the net posts.

Environmental Impact

Light pollution and unwanted light trespass fall into two categories: spill illumination, which is light leaving the perimeter of the stadium that is measurable; and glare, which is excessive brightness in the normal field of view for pedestrians and motorists outside the stadium. This impact on local communities is critical to the safety, dark sky experience and well-being of the countries and cities they serve. Every effort needs to be made to limit both spill and glare inside and outside the stadium. In the absence of local guidelines, the following schedule should be considered:

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