What factors affect the installation cost of stadium lighting systems?

The cost of installing LED stadium lighting systems depends on various factors, including whether a new floodlight system is being constructed or an existing one is being upgraded to LED lighting.

  • The choice of stadium lighting system has an impact. Traditionally, sports stadiums and athletic fields have used metal halide lighting systems. Despite a slow rate of change, these systems are still widespread in the U.S. However, due to technological advancements in lighting, LED stadium lighting is currently the fastest-growing solution. While the initial cost of LED systems may be higher than Metal Halide systems, the energy efficiency (50-75%), extended lifespan (up to 100,000 hours), and minimal maintenance requirements of LED systems ensure a quick return on investment.
  • The use of existing floodlight poles can lead to potential cost savings. In such cases, a photometric study around the lighting system is advisable. This study considers the size of the playing field and the locations of the poles and uses this information to devise an ideal lighting plan for the sports facility.
  • If a lighting system is not already in place, there may be additional costs associated with bringing power supply to the field. The cost of constructing the masts can vary depending on factors like ground condition and accessibility of the location for heavy construction equipment.
  • After addressing these considerations, the focus shifts to the playing field zones that need illumination and the required luminance levels. The size of the playing field, including paths and stairs, influences the scope and consequently the cost of the lighting system. The more illumination required, the higher the system’s cost.
  • The intensity of the light is vital for optimally illuminating the sports facility. The requirements for a professional stadium, which hosts televised games, are higher than those for a school playing field or a training field. The greater the required light intensity, the more LED luminaires will be needed.
  • Apart from varying requirements based on power class, the requirements also differ according to the type of sport. Consequently, even if all other factors remain constant, the cost of LED lighting will differ for two different sports fields.

The cost of LED sports lighting can significantly vary, typically ranging from $120,000 – $420,000.